Five strategies for buying children's wooden furniture

  • I believe that every parent attaches great importance to the growth of their children. When designing their homes, they will design the children's rooms separately for their children, hoping to create a healthy and comfortable living environment for their children. Then, how to choose children's wooden furniture? Next, Let's take a look at the purchase points of children's wooden furniture.

    1. Children's wooden furniture must be environmentally friendly

    When purchasing children's wooden furniture, environmental protection is the first priority to consider. Unqualified and unenvironmentally friendly furniture will release a large amount of harmful substances. Children in such an environment for a long time have a great impact on normal growth and development.

    When buying children's wooden furniture, be sure to pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the furniture. The wood used to make furniture should be made of natural materials, and the paint used should be environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Parents should carefully check the environmental protection certificate of the furniture to see if the furniture is a product that meets the national standard.

    Second, children's wooden furniture must be safe

    Children are lively and active, running and playing in the room, and it is easy to collide with the furniture. If they accidentally bump into the sharp corners of the furniture, it will often cause great damage to the child's body. Therefore, when buying furniture, do not choose furniture with hard materials and sharp edges and corners, and try to choose furniture with smooth edges and corners, so as to reduce the damage caused by bumps to children.

    3. The size of children's wooden furniture should be appropriate

    The height of children grows very quickly, and the furniture purchased may not be suitable for the height of the child after two years, which is easy to cause waste, especially the size of the table and chair, if it is not suitable, it will cause great harm to the sitting posture of the child. negative effect. Therefore, when purchasing furniture, the size of the furniture is also a point that parents need to pay attention to. When purchasing tables and chairs, you can choose a style that can adjust the height.

    Fourth, children's wooden furniture should be reasonable in shape

    The shape mentioned here does not refer to the cartoon shape of the furniture, but refers to the overall shape of the furniture to be ergonomically designed. The furniture used in the children's room should ensure that children can form good habits when using it. Whether it is sitting or lying, it must be correct. In the stage of growth and development, improper posture will have a great impact on the child's body. adverse effects. When buying furniture, be sure to try it yourself to understand the actual feeling of furniture after use.

    Five, children's wooden furniture color should be appropriate

    Color has a great influence on children's psychological development. Different colors will have different effects on children's characters. Therefore, the color of children's wooden furniture is also a consideration when purchasing. Colorful and bright colors will make children feel happy and comfortable, while gloomy and dull colors will make children feel depressed physically and mentally. For the physical and mental development of children, when purchasing furniture, try to choose light-colored furniture with bright colors.

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