Which brand of children's fitness rack is good?

  • Difu-Music fitness rack, using materials: ABS resin, PC polycarbonate (the material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic), electronic components (requires three AA batteries, buyers bring their own).

    Features: This is a children's enlightenment toy that can be played by babies over three months old. The baby can lie down until he can sit up and stand up, and can play at all developmental stages. In the process of playing, the baby can exercise the muscles of the small arm and the calf, exercise the hand-eye coordination ability, grasping ability, the accuracy of the arm movement, and the touch of the hand can stimulate the development of the sense of touch, etc., so that the baby is healthy. This fitness rack also comes with 14 beautiful songs! Each part has a cute round shape.

    1. Take a look at the bear in the mirror! Turn it around, and the little bear can turn around.

    2. Turn the egg and the penguin will play hide and seek with you.

    3. Turn it by hand, the little monkey rotates holding the cylinder, pulls the handle below, the music sounds, and the lights flash with the music.

    4. Shake it, and the monkey will swing around.

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